Thinking About Barriers – CV Screening

CV Writing | Women in Engineering | Working Advice | Posted 28.11.19

Addressing the gender disparity in the engineering industry is a task that encompasses the entire recruitment process and beyond.  In my previous articles, I’ve talked about why Cordant Engineering believe addressing the gap is important, and how your appraisal process can support and detract from your business’ efforts address your own gender balance.  In this…

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Why are companies asking applicants to start before Christmas?

Job Hunting | Working Advice | Posted 12.11.19

More and more companies are asking applicants to start working before Christmas. In the past, there was always a natural tendency for companies to delay starting their new employees until after the festive season. This was usually so they don’t have to pay them for ‘dead time’ over the festive period, either for financial reasons…

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Why are appraisals at work so important?

Women in Engineering | Working Advice | Posted 01.11.19

Appraisals, performance reviews, annual reviews; whatever your company calls them, they’re usually met with a mixture of dread and scepticism by both team members and team leaders. But appraisals, when done correctly, are vital in ensuring a positive working environment, especially when it comes to addressing diversity in the workplace. How are appraisals a diversity…

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Why Does Diversity Matter?

Women in Engineering | Working Advice | Posted 25.09.19

What do we mean when we talk about diversity? It’s one of those ‘buzzwords’ that people like to use when they’re not completely clear in what they’re saying; if something is ‘diverse’ it is apparently inherently more marketable, more accessible, more current. But outside of the declarations about commitments to diversity, equality and inclusion, what…

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CEO Pay Drop

CEO Pay Drop; But What About the Gap?

News | Working Advice | Posted 22.08.19

For many of us, the role of big-shot CEO is but a distant dream, not to mention the generous benefits that come with it. A big salary and bonus have become synonymous with large multinational companies – but could change be on the horizon? The most recent findings have shown that the pay gap between…

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IR35 Changes

IR35 Changes: What You Need to Know

News | Posted 06.08.19

IR35 – What is actually happening? The IR35 legislation, previously introduced into the public sector in April 2017, is now being extended to include the private sector space. The current draft rules propose that the changes be applied to the private sector from 6th April 2020, affecting medium and large that engage independent workers and…

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ECIA award

Receiving the ECIA Safe Working Award

News | Posted 05.06.19

Cordant Engineering is delighted to confirm that we have been awarded the ECIA Safe Working Award for the 5th year. The award has been given to us through the RISE Initiative (Recognising Initiative in Safety Excellence). Through RISE, ECIA aims to share best practice and lessons learned as well as reward outstanding achievement. “Such performances…

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Attending, Exhibiting & Sponsoring at the Manufacturing Awards

News | Posted 23.04.19

Cordant Engineering is pleased and excited to announce that we will be attending, exhibiting and sponsoring the ‘Manufacturing MX Awards 2019’ on the 14th of November in partnership with WES (Women’s Engineering Society). With a combined heritage spanning four decades and the UK’s largest celebration of manufacturing, The Manufacturer MX Awards is one of the…

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wise event

Attending & Sponsoring the WISE Event

News | Posted 22.04.19

Cordant Engineering are pleased and excited to announce that we will be attending the ‘Our Skills: Our Future 2019 WISE Conference’ on the 14th of May as a sponsor. The conference provides a golden opportunity to help support and shape the debate and decisions on how we can help meet the skills gap in the…

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Say hello properly with the perfect CV

CV Writing | Posted 15.04.19

Hello! And happy #WorldHelloDay! In honour of this holiday, we thought we’d help you make a lasting impression with any potential future employer by saying hello properly with the perfect CV. Think of your CV as an atlas, a roadmap of your skills, experience and just as importantly, your personality. After all, Curriculum Vitae literally translated is…

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7 signs it’s time to move on

Working Advice | Posted 12.04.19

It’s easy to fall into a rut when you’re in an unfulfilling role and not even realise it. We’ve all been there at one point or another, going through the day as if you’re on autopiolot – leave for work, do work, leave work, bed. Maybe you just need a new job… You have a…

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Tips for using job boards

Job Hunting | Posted 10.04.19

Today, job boards are regarded as one of the most effective job hunting tools. However, the competition for employment on job boards is cut-throat. There are thousands of applicants applying for jobs as well as thousands of companies who have the task of filtering through copious applications. So, just how do you turn a job board to…

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A guide to networking

Job Hunting | Posted 03.04.19

The majority of job hunters underestimate how useful their network of contacts can be, but as with anything in life whether you are an athlete in training or a student looking for your first job – the more you put in, the more you will get out, ‘no pain no gain’. Therefore, you should allocate sufficient…

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Interview Preparation (Part 2)

Uncategorized | Posted 01.04.19

Earlier this week we gave you the first part of our definitive guide to interview preparation. Here’s part two – prepare to be prepared. Appearance counts. Your appearance is the first thing people notice about you and will leave a lasting impression so getting it right is really important. You need to feel comfortable as…

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Interview Preparation (Part 1)

Uncategorized | Posted 28.03.19

An interview can be one of the most important events in your life. After all, the hour you spend with the interviewer may determine your entire future. We know that for some people, interviews will be a really exciting opportunity but for many others it can be an extremely daunting and stressful experience. It may…

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How to close an interview

Uncategorized | Posted 22.03.19

If you really want the job, or if you need to secure that second interview – closing your first interview correctly is crucial. Think of the role of the interviewer – they are a liaison officer who aids an organisation in finding qualified applicants and selecting the wrong person will ultimately reflect upon their poor…

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What do employers look for in a CV?

Working Advice | Posted 10.03.19

Think of your CV as a sales brochure that’s sole purpose is to get you in front of the interview panel everything – else comes later. You might possess excellent qualifications and the most relevant experience, but it’s your CV that’s most important to an employer. Every employer wants to get a good return on their investment…

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