Posted 09.01.20

The demand for engineers in the UK is high. In 2018, there were 20,000 fewer engineering graduates than needed in order for the UK to continue to be at the forefront of the industry. Not only are there fewer graduates, but there are also ongoing concerns with a lack of diversity in the sector.

Individuals who want to take advantage of this high demand and pursue a career in engineering will need more than just a degree and problem-solving skills. These days, most engineers will be required to also have good writing skills, but why is this? If you take the time to hone your writing skills, you will enjoy the following rewards:

Better chance of getting a job.

High demand and an engineering degree are not enough to get you the job of your dreams. Like most employers, you’ll be required to present yourself as a valuable asset through your CV. The CV is your chance to give a good first impression to the hiring manager, and it will often dictate your chances of making it through to the next stage of the application process. By using good writing skills, you will be able to produce a compelling CV and a cover letter that will highlight your abilities and achievements to the employer.  

Create important documentation efficiently. 

Engineers who have good writing skills can easily create technical documentation that presents all the specifications and variables in a way that is easy to read. Companies may ask their engineers to produce and write documentation, such as manuals and system requirements, to distribute to third parties or for technical support. Having good writing skills will enable engineers to get this work done without any hassle.

Improve your communication skills. 

Good writing skills also enable you to be able to easily communicate with different divisions of your company. During a project, you might be working with colleagues or clients who do not know the ins and outs of engineering. They may struggle to process technical data, so creating easy-to-understand content will simplify complex technical jargon to them. Using your writing skills will help you be able to communicate with different individuals so that they can digest complex information better. 

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